Bedtime Comfort Pack


This pack delivers CBD comfort from all angles! Providing you with our Deep Rested tincture, infused with natural terpenes for mood enhancing benefits, you'll be sleeping deeper than ever before. With the added topical benefits of our Power Butter your body will left feeling calm and refreshed! 

Deeply Rested 

these drops are enhanced with Linalool and Humulene, terpenes that a commonly found in natures in sage, cannabis, ginseng, lavender. Together these terpenes can produce an Indica effects leaving you feeling calming and sedative.

Power Butter

is packed with 500mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, it contains benefits for you from head to toe! This Butter will not only delivering instant moisture to skin, but will absorb deeply leaving your body feeling refreshed! This product is 100% organic and made from all natural ingredients! Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to bring unique benefits to an all in one product! This should a necessity for anyone looking to keep their body happy & healthy!


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