Rise & Grind Daily Drops 1:1 (CBD/CBG)


Rise & Grind Hemp Drops

These drops are enhanced with a specialize cannabinoid & terpene formulation to provide you with the perfect tincture to start the day or even a mid-day pick me up!

Cannabinoid Blend

A 1:1 balance of a 0% THC Board Spectrum CBD with a boost of CBG! This combination will provide you with a natural boost of energy,  mental clarity, and much more! You can learn about the benefits of CBD & CBG HERE.

Terpene Blend

Learn what Terpenes are & do for us!

Limonene, a terpene commonly associated with citrus fruits, however, it can also be found in a wide variety of strains. It has been found to provide that Sativa effect some associate as being energizing or uplifting!

Alpha Pinene, a terpene produced from the pine trees in the woods, it's main benefits are aiding to clear short term memory fog as well as increased circulation of air in the lungs.

Beta Caryophyllene, this terpene can be normally found in black pepper corn, which is a known source as a powerful calming agent. This terpene also interacts with the CB2 receptors of the ECS, just like CBD & CBG, this will help to strengthen the overall effects of the Cannabinoids present.


Hemp drops is our preferred method for the majority of use conditions due to its relatively high bioavailability when compared to ingestible products like edibles, capsules and beverages.

For best results, take the suggested dose of 1ml per serving before brushing your teeth at night. Squirt under your tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds before swallowing.

-All tinctures are 1oz (30ml)

-50mg of Cannabinoids per 1ml for 1500 mg (Full Dropper)

-100mg of Cannabinoids per 1ml for 3000mg (Full Dropper)

-Does not contain THC (0.00% THC)

-Flavored with natural terpene limonene. Fruity, citrus flavor.

-Ingredients: Cannabinoid Oil, MCT Oil, Limonene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene

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