Enhancing Your Sex Life With CBD & Natural Supplementation

Too often, we shy from sex – even though it's perhaps the most important single thing in our relationships. There's no doubting the role of sexual intimacy in any romantic relationship.

While some persons have zero sexual fantasies, a survey shows 70 percent of men think about sex daily.

Funnily, we hardly ever talk about sex and its problems, even though one stats say about one-third of men and 50 percent of women suffer some level of sex-related issues.

While sex ought to relieve stress and offer overall health gains, too often, anxiety and other psychological concerns ruin the act and its effect.

Reading on, you'd discover the standalone roles CBD and nitric oxide play in sex as well as the possible synergetic effect.


Performance Anxiety – a Sex Killer

Too often, the quest to meet the media and porn industry's definition of good sex puts pressure on us to meet or even outperform such' standards.'

The result? Erectile dysfunction, no orgasm, premature ejaculation, and complete lack of sex all widely linked to anxiety.

Indeed, performance anxiety is a great sex killer. It occurs in both men and women.

On their part, sex therapists try to redirect sex partners' attention to their partner and the moment. For this, they recommend sex exercises that help partners go slowly and get engrossed in the physical contacts even before –or even without – penetration.

When your too-high anticipatory thoughts decline, focus moves to the pleasure at the moment.

Also, therapists think relaxed muscles and reduced anxiety may help improve your sexual experiences.

Here, CBD Comes In

Research shows CBD's anti-anxiety and muscle-relaxant properties help a great deal in handling muscle stress and anxiety, which are typical impairments to great sex.

Besides, direct application to high-sensitive intimate body parts with several cannabinoid receptors leads to increased blood flow and, in turn, more pleasure.

A 2009 research found endocannabinoid receptors in sex organs such as the testicles. While one research shows long-term cannabis dosage may cause lowered sex drive, other studies reveal CBD's anti-anxiety property may help improve sexual performance. Another more recent stuffy support this claim.

That said, since human trials are pretty low, CBD may not yet be prescribed for improved sex. Most of the evidence linking CBD and sex drive are anecdotal.

While a convincing lot rave about the magical effects of CBD for sex, others consider it but an overhyped placebo effect.

What about Nitric Oxide?

Talking erectile dysfunction, for instance, nitric oxide-releasing drugs are the most common prescriptions. This chemical is naturally produced in your body. When released, nitric oxide aids the relaxation of muscles surrounding the blood vessels and, in turn, allows the blood vessels to dilate and swell.

L-citrulline helps increase nitric oxide production, which may help handle erectile dysfunction. Nitric oxide helps the penis muscles to relax. This effect opens up space within the penis' chambers, filling them with blood and causing an erection.

Research shows L-citrulline may offer a harder erection in men who suffered erectile dysfunction. Research authors found that L-citrulline had less effect compared to common prescription drugs for erectile dysfunctions – like Viagra.

However, L-Citrulline is considered widely tolerated and safe.

Besides L-Citrulline, some studies have shown two other nitro-enhancing supplements for erectile dysfunction – Pycnogenol, a pine tree extract, and amino acid L-arginine.

Several studies show that Pycnogenol and L-arginine helped boost sexual performance in people with erectile dysfunction.

Study shows Pycnogenol and L-arginine are safe when dosed together.

Nitric oxide is a product of the blood vessel's lining, otherwise called the endothelium. This organ is sensitive to the chemical and physical status of our blood vessels.

Heart-friendly components, such as low cholesterol and regular physical activities, help increase endothelium's nitric oxide release.

On its part, nitric oxide enlarges blood vessels, boosts blood circulation, and reduces plaque development and blood clotting.

However, conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, emotional stress, and smoking cause the endothelium to produce less nitric oxide, which ruins our sexual experience and even causes severe conditions like heart disease.

While nitric oxide supplements have been a standard sex booster prescription, lately, experts perceive CBD's anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties may help set the pace for good sex.

With the individual contributions of nitric oxide and CBD to sexual performance, shouldn't these compounds offer even more when used together?

CBD and Nitric Oxide – the Perfect Sex Booster

Although CBD and nitric oxide can help improve your sexual prowess individually, combining both looks super promising.

For CBD extract…

Research says it can help reduce the negative self-image relating to sex or one's appearance. This helps you feel more comfortable with yourself and relaxed for a whole enjoyable sexual experience.

And Nitric Oxide?

Deficiency in nitric oxide is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. An adequate supply of Nitric Oxide via pharmaceuticals such as L-Citrulline increases penile blood, which helps get and sustain a good erection.

So far, the combined use of these supplements looks safe and widely tolerated.

However, as we await more research results on the safety and effectiveness of these compounds for sex, before you use CBD and nitric oxide supplements, discuss with your doctor.


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