Can CBD Have An Impact On Athletic Performance

Did you know CBD might be able to help bring your athletic performance to the next level! We’re not saying that CBD will magically make you an Olympian, but what we are saying is that as long as you put in the work, CBD may aid in the whole recovery process. This is one of the most essential parts of training and performance, athletes spend hours day and night breaking down their muscles. Yet sometimes lack the recovery needed to perform at your highest potential!

With proper nutrition and sleep, CBD may have the chance to aid in speeding up your recovery process! With amazing anti-inflammatory research found CBD could possibly help to rid the body of prolonged unwanted inflammation in the joints, muscles and our nerves. Inflammation is a normal reaction when working out and training hard, it is a sign of the muscles getting a rush of new blood to heal what was just broken down. This is a good thing, but only for a short time, prolonged inflammation can be from a deep rooted problem causing joint and nerve pain.

CBD research has been linked to possible increase of vasodilation, opening up the blood vessels, in areas when applied to skin topically. This is amazing for speeding up the healing process of the muscles. By allowing new blood and nutrients to flow directly into the muscle! This could also aid in increasing mobility in athletes by allowing them to increase their range of motion due to the reduce in pain and stiffness.

It is recommended for best benefits to pair a topical product with either an ingestible or inhalant for the most synergistic effects throughout the body! 

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